Sky and Grass

Landscape, Photography, Texas

On my way home from work in Navasota, Texas. Grabbed this shot just sitting waiting for the light to change.



Aloe 1




Landscape, Photography

We were out walking around our neighborhood, and I was trying to capture some patterns in trees but not having any luck when Jamie said, “Hey come here! Take a picture of this!” I walked over and looked over the railing of the bridge we were standing on and I saw what she was talking about. I think this would make an awesome painting or maybe just a nice big print. What do you think?…



CityScape, Portraits

When I shot these parking garage pics in Bryan, TX, I was really enjoying the strong shadows and way the shapes worked. Kind of reminded me of how the painter, Edward Hopper used strong shadows and geometric shapes…  Here’s “Jamie on Level 5” and “Level 5″….

Jamie on Level 5

Jamie on Level 5

Level 5

Level 5

Parking Garage

CityScape, Photography

A couple photos taken with a Samsung cellphone on the spur of the moment. I did what I could to clean them up a little.




Looking Into the Business End of a Rocket Engine

Aviation, science

It’s not every day you get to stick your head into a space that at one time was expelling rocket engine waste at a temperature of about 4500-6500F. This is the inside of a rocket engine nozzle extension. Shot this at the New Mexico Museum of Space History.


Deep Dream – Nightmare Image


So I stumbled upon this bizarre thing that Google is doing. They call it Deep Dream. I guess it’s basically research on how neural networks work in the human brain. So they wrote computer code that simulates how the neural networks work. So far, when you feed the code an image, it processes the image and you get some bizarre results. Curious about this concept, I provided DeepDream with an image I did a few years ago. This is how Deep Dream “sees” the image:


New Mexico, Lincoln National Forest

Landscape, Photography


I took this image with a digital camera, made an 8×10 digital negative on transparency paper, then created at Lumen print (AKA “Sun print”) on AGFA Portriga Rapid black and white print paper. Scanned the resulting print, inverted it in Photoshop and made tonal adjustments.

New Lumen Prints


While I’m sitting around not making pinhole photos and waiting for cyanotype chemistry to arrive in the mail, I thought I’d make a few Lumen prints. You may remember your elementary school art teacher forcing you to make these things. You put an object on the photosensitive paper and expose it to sunlight and in less than 15-20 minutes you have an image. Well, I just happened to have some photo paper sitting in my closet and I’m surrounded by all types of objects with various levels of transparency that I can place on the paper. So I made a few Lumen Prints and I’m contemplating ideas for others.

Meditating Through Polygons


I like to stay abreast of current creative trends but messing around with Low Polys wasn’t something I paid much attention to until just recently. I applied for a job that required me to brush up on my Illustrator skills and while exploring the Mesh feature in Illustrator, I came across images that used this Low Poly technique. Even though Low Polys are no longer a new thing, I plan on doing a little more exploration of the technique.


Red Electric Car

Autos, Photography



Good doggie! A client's dog, ANGEL, stands nicely for a photo.

Good doggie! A client’s dog, ANGEL, stands nicely for a photo.